Saturday, November 25, 2006
Party Planning so far....
I'm just going to include my notes with links I've found. If anyone has any reviews for any of these places or know a place that's better let me know!

Cinderella Cake
Locally made. It's really just going to be one of those barbie style cakes with the doll at the top.
Pink Juice
I need recipes for a nice pink punch that both kids AND adults will like
Chicken Nuggets & French Fries
Courtesy of Chick*Fil*A (not very classy....but it's beedee's favorite)
Ice Cream
Probably just some Breyer's

We're going to create stuffed animals. There's no 'Build A Bear' in my town, so I'm going to order kits from Is it bad that I signed up to be a rep JUST for the purpose of getting a wholesale discount for the party???
We're either going to stuff the St. Bernard or a Doll, I haven't decided. Although if we stuff the dog we'll get a bag to carry them home in....
I'm also going to get the colorable tshirt that says 'happy birthday' for the girls to color with.
I've talked a friend of mine (ok I'm going to pay her!) to dress up as Cinderella. Blue dress, glass shoes and all. I'm actually looking for patterns right now. I also have a back up Cinderella just in case, I don't something happens.

The Stuffed Bear
Cinderella Party Hats
Princess Cookies
Ariel and Cinderella
My niece and I had some at World Market yesterday and they are NASTY (ok not NASTY but they don't taste great), but they are SO CUTE!!

Here's my dilemma. I don't know if I should just buy the deluxe princess party pack from Birthday Express, or buy different items on my own. I'm not that creative of a person and while shabby chic/home made would be cute...anything I do would be more like shabby crap. So...I think I am just going to buy a kit.

Has anyone ever ordered a 'birthday in a bag'?

Ok. These are my draft plans. Now I just have to do the guest list (no more than 4 kids...I'm really not a kid person), and find some invitations!

OH and does anyone know if there's any Black Cinderella anything?


Friday, November 24, 2006
Game Face
I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving.

We sure did! We stuffed ourselves silly. My niece (her name is Breone...did I ever tell y'all that?), is now in LOVE with cranberry sauce. She thinks it's dessert and gets all excited when she eats it.
We'll just let her think that for as long as she wants..........

At the moment I am gearing up for the black friday sales. I am prepared!
A gazzillion store flyers CHECK
Sneakers to run to the hottest toy sales, NOT for Christmas because my shopping was done a week ago, but for birthdays. CHECK
Layers of clothing for the crowded malls CHECK
Digital camera to take photos of people going crazy over something stupid...NO (but I'm really tempted).

Happy Holidays!!!!!


Monday, November 20, 2006
Party Planning with a 2 year old
Me: Beedee, what kind of party do you want?
Bree: Um...a yellow party
Me: A yellow party? I thought you wanted a princess party..
Bree: yea, I want a princess party. I need a princess party.
Me: What kind of cake do you want?
Bee: An elmo cake, and an elmo hat
Me: I thought you wanted a princess party? A princess cake.
Bee: No, beedee want want cinderella


Sunday, November 19, 2006
Let the Birthday Drama Begin
I never understood how some parents could spend some much time and energy on a toddler's birthday. What was the point of spending the equivalant of one month's rent on a birthday party she probably won't remember by the time she's ten!

And then I had a niece....

And my "Never will I ever [insert weird activity only those close to someone under age 5 would understand]" became "I'm going to Target to buy the new Doodlebops CD and DVD!"

Next February my niece will turn 3. It will also be the first and only (at least for a while) birthday that I will actually be home (and not at school), so I am determined to make this the best princess birthday any 3 year old has ever had.

Without going broke and without going crazy....